My Coaching Style

In the early stages of working together, I will ask what style would best support your learning. I will regularly ask for feedback and will be open to adapting to your needs and preferences.

In general, my style is supportive and encouraging. I believe everyone has the ability to develop, change, improve, and achieve things they haven’t even thought of yet.

My coachees say they value the space I give them to think out loud about their issues. I’m told I am calm, friendly, relaxed, patient, empathetic and supportive.

“(Joanna was) really positive, calm and encouraging.”

The focus is on you.  As your coach I will:

  • listen attentively and feed back what I hear and see.
  • ask questions to help your understanding, challenge your thinking and raise your awareness.
  • create a safe environment and support you to experiment with new behaviours and try new things.
  • challenge you to do more and help you discover more options open to you.
  • hold you accountable to complete the actions you commit to.

“The key thing that Joanna did was to give me space to understand the issues myself.  I think this is really difficult to do without this kind of coaching.”

With me as your coach working alongside you and encouraging you, you will gain increased confidence and be supported in moving forward with your goals.

Professional Ethics

I adhere to the Global Code of Ethics for coaches and mentors, developed by two of the leading global coaching bodies, the Association for Coaching (AC) and European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC).